9 lug 2009

Give Thanks To Allah

Michael Jackson sings - Give Thanks To Allah
I came across a song in praise of ALLAH. It was mentioned that it is sung by Michael Jackson, and i was in an awe.

Update : 30-Jun-09:
Apologies to all if this is not MJ. When I posted this, I was very sure that this voice belongs to MJ.

Anyhow, MJ or Zain, or whoever, the main focus of this post is to announce that MJ has accepted Islam as the way of life.. as his religion.. no doubt Islam is the only religion.


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Balqis ha detto...

non e' mj
e' un nasheed usato da huda tv [non so se sia visibile in italia, c'e' il live streaming comunque www.huda.tv] da un gruppo di fratelli asiatici credo
possiamo sopravvivere anche se mj non fosee musulmano